Incarnation Series Introduction

To celebrate the launch of Pleased to Dwell, there is a great guest series on – here is the link to the introduction to the series.  Later this week there will be posts from John Hindley and Darrell Bock on John 1-2 and Luke 1-2 respectively.


What does the Incarnation have to do with preaching when we are not in December?  Everything.  Unless, of course, we are talking about some kind of preaching that is neither biblical nor Christian.  Biblical preaching preaches God, and we can only know God in the person of Christ.

Every Sunday of the year people need to hear from preachers who are captivated by Christ.  As Mike Reeves puts it in his new book, Christ Our Life:

“No wonder the gospels record so many who were amazed and astonished by him, as if they were witnesses to a volcano: his presence was an apocalypse, a cataclysm, an earth-shaking upheaval of all things.  God with us!” (22)


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September Arriving!

In the next few days the book should be shipping to those who have pre-ordered it in the UK (thanks for doing so).  I am excited to see it in physical form for the first time.

Over on Biblical Preaching there is a guest series on the Incarnation starting tomorrow.  This week John Hindley and Darrell Bock will be offering brief posts on the incarnation in a couple of the Gospels.

Also, there should be some audio podcasts coming too, more info soon!