Changeover Coming Soon

Just a quick post to note that there will soon be a changeover on this site.  Instead of primarily promoting Pleased to Dwell, the site will shift to focus on the sequel that is coming out later in 2016.  So there will be a new name on the site, on the twitter handle, etc.  Watch this space and let us know what you think of the change!

Manuscript Submitted, Sequel Coming

Just thought you might like to know that the sequel to Pleased to Dwell is nearing publication.  The manuscript has been edited and submitted.  Watch this space and we will confirm title, cover, date of release, endorsements, etc.

The sequel follows the same ingredient list as Pleased to Dwell – cover to cover through the Bible, one big theme traced, easy to read chapters, light touch, and hopefully a helpful picture of Christ for the reader.

Please pray for the final details to come together in the next weeks!

Now is the Time!

clockThe problem with books related to the Incarnation is that people tend to want to read them in the build up to Christmas. The problem with that is that an ideal Christmas present is therefore too late once Christmas arrives.  Here are some ways around this great Christmas conundrum:

  1. Make plans now for pre-Christmas Bible study groups – Yesterday Victoria Fuller messaged me to say this: “I am introducing Pleased to Dwell to my Bible study groups next week. We will order in time to begin reading by December 1.”
  2. Make plans now for personal pre-Christmas reading – Pleased to Dwell is broken down into 24 easy to read chapters, making it ideal devotional material for the Advent season.
  3. Give an early Christmas present – Christmas day arrives and everyone opens loads of presents. Nothing says “I care about you” like giving a present to someone four or five weeks early 🙂  Why not give Pleased to Dwell to your family and friends – those who like to read, who enjoy the Bible, who are new to Christianity, who are maybe feeling a bit stale and have lost the wonder of who Christ is, or who are going to be preaching or teaching this Christmas season (lots of message ideas in the book!)

The Incarnation is a thrilling subject we should be amazed at every day of the year, but that doesn’t change the fact that Christmas is the season when we are more conscious of it. Thanks for helping get Pleased to Dwell out there this Christmas. Please let me know if you have any ideas to help spread the word. Also, if you read it last year, please send me a brief review that I can post on twitter or on here to help motivate others!


Here is a recent review from Dafydd Job on Goodreads:

It would be good to read any time of the year, but it is particularly helpful as a preparation for Christmas. . . . It will certainly be a blessing for those who want to prepare devotionally for celebrating the incarnation. It is warm and encouraging, and draws us back to Scripture constantly. It has a sermonic feel at times, probably because the author is primarily a preacher. This however adds to the value of the book, and turns it from dry theology into a heart warming feast. Maybe some chapters are not as convincing as others, but in the main this is a book that I would heartily recommend. Begin reading on December 1st, reading a chapter a day, and you’ll get to the conclusion on Christmas day (although I suspect that you will not be content with reading one chapter at a time!)

Help Us Choose a Book Cover

FoundationsCoversFoundations will be released in September by Christian Focus Publications. It is a short and dynamic book based on the speeches in the book of Acts.  It is almost ready to go, but we need help deciding on the cover.  Can you help?  If you can, please click here to go to a very short survey.  You can simply select a cover and finish, or you can add some comments on either design.  Thanks so much for helping us choose the look for this book!

Here are a couple of the endorsements just to whet your appetite:

“Having the right answers is one thing but Peter Mead goes deeper – he explores the right questions – questions of God, humanity, sin and salvation. By turning to Scripture this book gives us a surprising, satisfying and compelling foundation for life.”

Glen Scrivener, Evangelist, Speak Life, and author of 321.

“Peter’s love of scripture, and his desire to see lives transformed bleed through the pages of this book. Explore the foundations of Christianity and engage anew the true story of a relationship between a human race whose sin is greater than we think, and a God whose grace is more amazing than we could imagine!” 

Rick McKinley, Lead Pastor of Imago Dei Community, Portland, Oregon.

Click here to go to the simple survey.  Thank you!

If You Are Enjoying Pleased to Dwell…

HelpHere is a really helpful idea that you might be able to copy. Victoria got in touch to say that she is so enjoying the book that she met with her senior pastor to suggest that he make it a church-wide recommended advent read in 2015. It would be wonderful to see how many churches can either make it a recommendation, or even a gift to their church members for next year’s advent . . . any ideas on how to help this happen, please let us know!  Please comment if we could help with this idea in any way (the comment will not be visible to others).

Radio Interview – In the Market with Janet Parshall (Moody Radio)


MB_IntheMarketwithJanetParshallHere is the link to go to the interview with Janet Parshall on Moody Radio’s “In the Market” which aired on Monday the 15th of December, 2014.  Together we talk about Jesus anticipated in the Old Testament, the circumstances of the birth, the response of both Zechariah and Simeon to it all, and most importantly, what the Incarnation reveals about God!

September Arriving!

In the next few days the book should be shipping to those who have pre-ordered it in the UK (thanks for doing so).  I am excited to see it in physical form for the first time.

Over on Biblical Preaching there is a guest series on the Incarnation starting tomorrow.  This week John Hindley and Darrell Bock will be offering brief posts on the incarnation in a couple of the Gospels.

Also, there should be some audio podcasts coming too, more info soon!

Less Than Two Weeks Until Release!

I just heard that the first of the books have arrived at the publisher, so we have less than two weeks before the book is officially released!  If you are in the UK, feel free to enter the GoodReads Giveaway – the US/Canada Giveaway will be announced soon.  (There is still time to pre-order the book too, is still the place to go for the best price on the book . . . even better if you get the bundle with Christ Our Life too!)

As September arrives, the Guest Post series will begin on . . . I am excited about the number and quality of contributors that have agreed to participate in this series.  More information soon.