Day 20 – A Bigger Mission

designWhen the Son of God burst into this world in a flurry of newborn cries, His mission was bigger than we tend to think. Just surviving to adulthood looked unlikely, but there was so much more. He came to breach the defences of the god of this age, to reveal His Father’s heart to us and for us, and to die in our place that our sins could be forgiven and our fellowship in union with the Son by the Spirit established.

That was quite the mission. But then the New Testament goes further, the mission just gets bigger. In reference to the coming of Christ, Paul wrote to Titus that it is God’s grace that teaches us to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age. The coming of Christ was not only to breach, reveal and rescue, but also to transform. Ungodly sinners transformed to have godly desires. This worldly sinners transformed to have future oriented hope. Once we see what had to happen in us, Jesus’ mission only appears bigger and bigger! What a Saviour!

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