Day 19 – Don’t Sell Christmas Short

At just the right time, God the Son was sent into the world and he came, born of a womaIMG_2970n, born under the Law, to redeem those under the Law.  What comes next? This classic Christmas explanation in Galatians 4:4-5 is still only mid-sentence, but what comes next?

We sell Christmas short when the end result of Christmas was something less than what Paul writes here. He writes of adoption as sons and the sending of the Spirit into our hearts. Too often the Gospel we tell ourselves and others does not go there. Instead in the shrunken Gospel there is just some combination of  some of these elements: Jesus makes a way for our guilt to be paid, we get to go to heaven, we get empowered to live better lives, we can now choose to obey God, etc.

Jesus came so that we could have the Spirit restored to us again. And the Spirit is sent, not primarily for improving our behaviour or empowering our obedience (although both will follow), He is sent to restore us to the love relationship of the Trinity.  Let’s not sell Christmas short to ourselves, or to others.

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