Day 17 – Christmas is a Two-Way Journey

design 2There are plenty of journeys in the Christmas story, but two we should be primarily focused on.

The angel Gabriel travelled to bring news to Nazareth. Mary travelled to Judea, in part to avoid stares in Nazareth. Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem, then later Egypt, then Nazareth. The Magi probably started their journey before all the others and maybe arrived sooner than is commonly thought. Herod’s soldiers travelled a short distance to perform a horrific deed. Lots of journeys, but two that matter most.

First, God the Son travelled all the way from heavenly glory to human poverty. He came to the humblest of circumstances to truly be Immanuel – God with us.

Second, because of what Jesus did, we are able to travel all the way into the throne room of God, calling His Father our Father and joining in the intra-trinitarian relationship forever. He came to us, so we can come to Him.

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