Day 12 – Really Like Us

designWhen God the Son became a human, he came all the way to our side. He didn’t just take on flesh, but supercharge it with a divine inner engine. Equally, He didn’t just take on humanity, but play it safe with every luxury divinity could buy. No, Jesus really became one of us.

One way we see this is in His acceptance of His name qualifier. Jesus was a common name in those days, so every Jesus walking around would have some identifier added – Jesus the son of Thaddeus, Jesus the fruit seller, or even Big Jesus. So what identifier stuck with our Jesus? Jesus of Nazareth.

And it stuck. All through His ministry, after His resurrection, even after His ascension to the heavenly throne. Still He is Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nowhere, Galilee. Jesus of a town that nobody was ever proud of.  He really did want to come and be with all of

To chase this idea more, click here to read an extended version of this post.

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