Day 10 – A King For All

day10The Christmas story is strangely complex. On the one hand you have a poor couple in a poor town in poor circumstances giving birth to a little boy. On the other hand you have angels from heaven telling shepherds from nearby fields, and stars in the heavens telling exceedingly rich nobles from a distant land.

Jesus was not born in a palace, but at the other end of society’s echelon. He was born in Israel, but with visitors from outside. Christmas makes it clear that Jesus’ ministry and goal will not be just for the elite, or even just for the Jews.

Jesus came for everyone. This may be something we reference in our Christmas messages of peace on earth, but does it register in our motivation for an expansive ministry?  How will Jesus’ global goal grip your life, your energy, your giving, and your plans in this next year? Perhaps our Christmas ponderings are too passive – we talk of peace on earth in the brief season of a Christmas truce, but maybe Christmas should stir our imaginations and motivations as we think about living for Jesus in the coming year.

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