Day 7 – Generations

Day7The New Testament begins with the birth of Christ. The birth of Christ begins with a genealogy.  Forty-two generations from Abraham, via David, via the Exile (the time of the New Covenant), to the birth of Jesus. Why start something so important with something so unengaging as a genealogy?

Perhaps the issue here is with us rather than with Matthew’s inspired choice of literary launch point. If we take time to ponder the genealogy we quickly gain lots of benefit. God’s plan was long-term. God’s faithfulness was persistent. God’s grace was undeserved (look at some of the names on there!).

Jesus coming into this world was not a last minute plan. It was God’s long-settled intention.  It was not a different move after others failed. It was the move that all the others were designed to set up. This was it, God was stepping into our world!

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