Day 3 – The Greatest Prophet

designWhen we read through the Old Testament we see some great men and women of faith. Individuals who changed history as they served God. One of the greatest was Moses. He led the nation of Israel out of Egypt and through the wilderness for forty years. He knew what it was to shepherd God’s people under the most extreme circumstances. And Moses was a great prophet who represented God to the people. But Moses was not a great prophet because he was a great man. He was weak. He had a stutter. He struggled in many ways. What set Moses apart was not his personal strength, but his face-to-face connection with God.

Moses was told that there would one day be a greater prophet than him, also from the people of Israel, who everyone should listen to. Christmas introduces us to that prophet. Again, he didn’t come in the power of his own position, but was born in very humble circumstances and appeared to be incredibly weak. And yet this greater prophet could speak for God because he knew God intimately – he could speak of what he saw and heard in his forever fellowship with his Father.  And he could speak for God because he was God. Christmas is a story saturated with apparent weakness, yet it points us to the ultimate revelation of God, the coming of God the Son to represent the Father to us. Listening carefully to Jesus is the most important thing we could ever do.

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