Day 1 – The Christmas Conqueror of the Christmas Spirit

Here is a quote from chapter 1 of Pleased to Dwell:

“Humanity was not made in the image of a power-hungry dictator. The dominion described is not one of conquering and crushing, but of multiplying and caring.”
Fast forward not very far from creation and the seeds of a corrupted Christmas are found in the Fall of Genesis3.  We became conquerors and crushers.  This manifests in epic wars, but also in pre-Christmas shopping trips.  All that we struggle with in the Christmas season is the fruit of our Fall into sin.  And simply scolding each other to be less selfish, less grabby, etc., does not make the slightest bit of difference.  Which is why we need the true Christmas to defeat all that is ugly about Christmas.  Jesus came into our world to capture hearts, rescue us from the deathly clutches of sin and draw us back to what God created us for – a loving and giving and sharing dominion, a rule like His.
When you find elements of Christmas distasteful, whether it be gluttony, greed, selfishness, or whatever, let it nudge your heart to thank God for Christmas.  Jesus did not come to give us a holiday.  He came to give us the true life we long since lost.image1

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