Advent Series 2015

IMG_3384Halloween is now gone, and Thanksgiving will soon be finished, so as a culture we are in full swing for Christmas.  It is easy to grumble about this.  Too much hype.  Too much marketing.  Too little Jesus.  And so on.  But maybe instead of grumbling wewould do well to let every Christmas reference, every sprig of holly, every flash of tinsel, every note of John Lennon, every advert for turkey, let’s let every Christmassy detail nudge us to think about Christ, talk to Christ, thank the Father for Christ.  Maybe we could turn the marketing hype to our own advantage.  At the same time let’s pray for our culture, that people would be able to meet the wonder of Christmas himself – God who became man and dwelt amongst us!

During advent 2015, we will be posting daily snippets from Pleased to Dwell. Hopefully these will help advent be a season of turning our hearts toward Christ. You can buy the book to read the complete chapters (24 short chapters for 24 busy days!)

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