Now is the Time!

clockThe problem with books related to the Incarnation is that people tend to want to read them in the build up to Christmas. The problem with that is that an ideal Christmas present is therefore too late once Christmas arrives.  Here are some ways around this great Christmas conundrum:

  1. Make plans now for pre-Christmas Bible study groups – Yesterday Victoria Fuller messaged me to say this: “I am introducing Pleased to Dwell to my Bible study groups next week. We will order in time to begin reading by December 1.”
  2. Make plans now for personal pre-Christmas reading – Pleased to Dwell is broken down into 24 easy to read chapters, making it ideal devotional material for the Advent season.
  3. Give an early Christmas present – Christmas day arrives and everyone opens loads of presents. Nothing says “I care about you” like giving a present to someone four or five weeks early 🙂  Why not give Pleased to Dwell to your family and friends – those who like to read, who enjoy the Bible, who are new to Christianity, who are maybe feeling a bit stale and have lost the wonder of who Christ is, or who are going to be preaching or teaching this Christmas season (lots of message ideas in the book!)

The Incarnation is a thrilling subject we should be amazed at every day of the year, but that doesn’t change the fact that Christmas is the season when we are more conscious of it. Thanks for helping get Pleased to Dwell out there this Christmas. Please let me know if you have any ideas to help spread the word. Also, if you read it last year, please send me a brief review that I can post on twitter or on here to help motivate others!


Here is a recent review from Dafydd Job on Goodreads:

It would be good to read any time of the year, but it is particularly helpful as a preparation for Christmas. . . . It will certainly be a blessing for those who want to prepare devotionally for celebrating the incarnation. It is warm and encouraging, and draws us back to Scripture constantly. It has a sermonic feel at times, probably because the author is primarily a preacher. This however adds to the value of the book, and turns it from dry theology into a heart warming feast. Maybe some chapters are not as convincing as others, but in the main this is a book that I would heartily recommend. Begin reading on December 1st, reading a chapter a day, and you’ll get to the conclusion on Christmas day (although I suspect that you will not be content with reading one chapter at a time!)

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