Really Helpful Review

All authors appreciate positive reviews, of course.  Pleased to Dwell has been helpfully reviewed on,, and so far (it would be nice to get a good review or two on Anyway, here is one from Jennifer in Oregon that is really helpful.  Why?  Because it corrects a possible misunderstanding of the book and motivates people to read it.  Needless to say, I appreciate this very much!

“I have been reading this book as a daily devotional and I love it. It challenges the way I have viewed certain passages and has made me want to dig deeper into the scriptures. I have even been reading it to others and having discussions about the topics in each chapter. This is something I can read over and over and learn new things each time.

It is like sitting down and having a conversation about God in everyday language. It is not like a college textbook, it is more like two friends sharing a new discovery about God and Christ.

I would recommend it to all ages and backgrounds.”

Jennifer, in Oregon, on

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