First Review

Thanks to D.R. for his review, which ends like this:

In Pleased To Dwell, Peter Mead skillfully takes you through the events of the creation, fall and restoration process, in a simplified fashion, so that anyone with the slightest interest in how we got where we are and how we can get back to where we were, can see and understand the whole picture. Pleased To Dwell weaves together a tapestry of time from Genesis to Revelation, in an easy to read and understand book. Peter puts just the right amount of meat on the bones so you will be compelled to reach for a Bible and do some in-depth follow-up as you delve into the Scripture references for yourself.

Pleased To Dwell… A Christmas Story about a Loving, Giving God whose love for his most precious element of creation, led Him to sacrifice Himself, as His most precious Son, so you and I can experience the Perfect Relationship with our Perfect and Loving God. Whether you are seeking for what to believe, or a new believer, or one who has for decades believed in God, but want to know how we got where we are and how we can get back to where we were… Please To Dwell is for you. It was for me.

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