Encouraging First Review!

Thank you to Felicity P for this very encouraging review on 10ofthose!  Positive reviews on 10ofthose or Amazon or GoodReads are much appreciated as the book gets launched!

“This series of devotions follows the wonderful reality of God’s personal relationship with His people from the Garden of Eden through to the marriage of the New Creation. Mead traces the theme of God dwelling with His people throughout all of scripture in the space of 25 readings. With such an aim, I assumed it would be a passing glance at each stage of the story, but Mead allows his reader to grasp the depths of God’s promises throughout the Old Testament before dwelling on the climactic dwelling of God with his people through Jesus. Each chapter is rich in God’s word. He says that he wants to excite his reader to devour the bible as a result of being presented with the God who dwells with His people, and I think he succeeds. I loved having the Bible opened up for me in such a way that I could see God making and keeping His promises, not just as actions but as part of His character. Mead writes with a light touch that means it is a pleasure to read, while also allowing his obvious excitement at the intricacies of God’s revelation of himself to permeate the book. Mead pointed me to our glorious, loving God, to the glorious reality of Jesus Christ our king and prompted me to praise and delight. I will be recommending this book to many – those who have only just begun reading the bible, and those who have read from cover to cover many times over. It would be a lovely set of devotions to read in the build up to Christmas as we look to wonderful Emmanuel. A brilliant book which will prompt you to dwell on our God who was pleased to dwell.”


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